Rental Terms

Wedding Rental Terms & Conditions

Pricing and Product Availability

Prices are subject to change at any time. 

In order to secure your rental items we require full payment. You items are not considered reserved or guaranteed until full payment and deposit is received. 

If you're hoping to rent items with less than 30 days before your wedding please send us an email and we can let you know if your item is available. 

Weather Related Issues

Topknot Style Decor does not issue refunds for any reason, including inclement weather.  Should bad weather or wind become an issue, we reserve the right to refuse or release certain items and offer a substitution of in-stock items to help facilitate an indoor function.  The client assumes all risks and hardships involved with having an outdoor event.  Please always have a backup plan in place. 

It is our desire that your event go as smoothly as possible.  However, if you choose to chance the weather, the client assumes full responsibility for wind and weather damages.  If we arrive for a delivery and the weather is bad or impending, we will call you or a contact person to discuss options.  Please always provide an additional contact name and number should you be unavailable the day of your event. 

Rental Delivery & Pickup 

We will deliver and pickup rentals on the days before and after your event. We do not allow clients to pick up their own items.  

Required Payment/Paperwork 

Rentals require a signed customer agreement, full payment, a valid credit card number, expiry and CVV code as well as a copy of your driver's licence. We cannot offer any refunds if your guest numbers change. Some items may be ordered or customized just for your order. These orders may not be changed within six weeks of your event and require full payment to be reserved. 


Please be aware that once payment is made in full, and your event date scheduled, all other clients have been refused your specific rentals and services for your event date, and thus all payments are non-refundable


Care of Rental Items

Equipment remains the responsibility of the customer from the time of delivery to the time of its return.  Items are to be used for their intended purposes with normal wear and protected from damage due to neglect, abuse or misuse.



    Store all equipment in an area protected from theft, vandalism or weather.


    Shake linen free of debris, food, confetti, etc. and only if linen is dry, place in the container it was received in. Do not place wet linen in storage container or in trash bags. Allow linens to dry before storing otherwise they will mould. 


    Wipe or rinse clear of all food, completely allow to dry and stack in the container. Do not store wet plates. 


    Damaged Rentals


    Wax Damage to Linens & Glassware - If damage or stains occur which require extra cleaning, client will be notified and billed of such services within 10 days after the event. Such damages would include wax stains. This is the most common cause of damages to linens. Please use LED candles to avoid any damage fees. If you do use open flame candles they should be in a glass container (not from Topknot Style Decor) or set on a mirror, candle stand, glass or protective cover to eliminate wax spills on the linen. Do not place candles on the linen without an appropriate holder. If burns occur, the item is considered damaged, and must be replaced. If there are any wax stains at all the item will be considered damaged and will also need to be replaced.

    Ink Damage on Linens - Ink and marker stains will not come out, so please do not provide coloring books for children on tables that you have rented linens for. Butcher paper from the craft store is a great alternative. You can still create a centerpiece for the children’s table to tie it in with your other guest tables.

    Chocolate/Grease/Red Wine Stains on Linens - For clients renting linens: you assume full responsibility for any stains and the replacement fee starting at $40.

    Damaged/Missing Items

    Renter assumes full responsibility of item upon possession, and agrees to pay full replacement cost for lost or damaged items. Replacement cost of any item is 5x the rental fee. I.e. a $4 table number will have a replacement cost of $20 if it is returned damaged. 

    Photography Release

    When you rent from Topknot Style Decor you give us permission to use the photos that we take at your event on our website and advertisements, materials, etc, with the understanding that you will not profit from them in any way.